TP-Link Range Extender for wireless network, 802.11ac, 1200Mbps, whiteFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/nettverk-og-kommunikasjon/repeater/RE305TP-Link Range Extender for wireless network, 802.11ac, 1200Mbps, white15.12.2016 14:54:4331.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>TP-Link Range Extender, repeater for wireless network, 802.11ac, 1200Mbps, white</P> <P>The RE305 lets you keep more devices connected at the same time with its 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 867Mbps dual bands. Use the 2.4GHz band to send email and browse the web, and the 5GHz band for gaming and HD streaming.</P> <P>• 1xRJ45, 10/100<BR>• 802.11b/g/n/ac<BR>• 300Mbps + 867Mbps<BR>• Can be used as an accesspunkt</P></BODY>NoneFalse6935364097974
TP-Link RE650Falsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/nettverk-og-kommunikasjon/repeater/RE650TP-Link RE65005.05.2017 06:56:1731.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>TP-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE650, 802.11ac, 2.4/5GHz, 2600Mbps Wi-Fi, 4x4MU-MIMO external antennas, white</P> <P>Powerful Quad-Antenna design with Beamforming delivers highly targeted Wi-Fi connections to improve throughput and signal quality for stronger Wi-Fi across your home, while extending your routers coverage by up to 1300 square meters. The Intelligent Processing Engine balances the demands of your devices to keep their connections fast and uninterrupted, sending Wi-Fi traffic to dedicated processors while the powerful dual-core CPU handles the rest.<BR><BR>The RE650 is compatible with any Wi-Fi router, including the one you have right now. The intelligent indicator light helps you find the right spot for the best range extension, and an intuitive web interface helps you set it up in just one minute. Download the iOS/Android app Tether to manage your network from any Android or iOS smartphone to control the power, access and even the LED light. If you need, set a different network name and password.</P> <P>• Superior Extended Range – Four fixed external antennas extend Wi-Fi coverage by up to 1300 sq. meter<BR>• 4-Stream for AC2600 Dual Band Wi-Fi – Simultaneous 800Mbps on 2.4GHz + 1733Mbps on 5GHz<BR>• 4×4 MU-MIMO – Simultaneously transfers data to multiple devices for 4x faster performance<BR>• Beamforming Technology – Send targeted Wi-Fi signal to individual devices for stronger connections<BR>• Gigabit Ethernet Port – Provide faster wired connections to smart TVs, computers and gaming consoles<BR>• Intelligent Signal Light – Helps to determine the best location for optimal Wi-Fi coverage by indicating the signal strength in the current placement<BR>• AP Mode – create a new Wi-Fi access point to enhance your wired network with Wi-Fi capability<BR>• TP-LINK Tether App – Easily access and manage your network using any iOS or Android mobile device<BR>• Ultimate Compatibility – Extend the range of any Wi-Fi router or wireless access point</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 86x40x163mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse6935364094348
TP-Link 300Mbps Wi-Fi range extender with 2 antennas, whiteFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/nettverk-og-kommunikasjon/rutere/802-11a-b-g-n/TL-WA855RETP-Link 300Mbps Wi-Fi range extender with 2 antennas, white04.05.2017 04:48:3931.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>TP-Link 300Mbps Wi-Fi range extender with 2 antennas, connects to a poweroutlet, 300Mbps, white</P> <P>Despite its compact size, it may be hard to ignore the TL-WA855RE due to the truly impressive way that it projects Wi-Fi access into the areas of your home that your standard router simply cannot reach. The TL-WA855RE supports wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps and keeps all of your favorite devices running as fast as possible. The TL-WA855RE works as a repeater to save you from poor signal by expanding your router’s network coverage to the primary dead zones.</P> <P>• Works with Any Wi-Fi Router<BR>• External antennas for faster and more reliable Wi-Fi<BR>• Supports AP mode which creates a new Wi-Fi Access point<BR>• Set the Power Schedule for the range extender for power-saving<BR>• Easily expand wireless coverage at a push of the Range Extender button<BR>• Tether App allows easy access and management with your mobile devices remotely<BR>• Boosts your existing Wi-Fi coverage to deliver fast and reliable wired and wireless connectivity</P> <P>Dimension (WxDxH): 52x34x65mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse6935364099305
TP-LINK signalforsterker for WLAN, 300Mbps, 802.11b/g/n, hvitFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/nettverk-og-kommunikasjon/tilgangspunkter/TL-WA850RETP-LINK signalforsterker for WLAN, 300Mbps, 802.11b/g/n, hvit11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseFalseFalseTP-LINK, trådløs signalforsterker/ethernetadapter, 300Mbps, WPS, RJ45, 802.11b/g/n, hvit<br/><br/>Trådlös accesspunkt med standardinställning för repeaterläge. Den skickar vidare signalen från en användare till nästa accesspunkt eller router i systemet.<br />Fungerer utmerket for å utvide rekekvidden på et eksisterende trådløst nettverk for å kunne dekke en større flate.<br />Med en knapp på framsiden kobles den som en repeater til det eksisterende nettverket.<br />Kan også brukes som en vanlig accesspunkt.<br />Støtter WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WEP(64/128/152-bit). <br />Settes direkte i strømuttaket og kan også koble kablete enheter via den innebygde RJ45-porten. <br /><br />Mål(BxDxH): 65x75x110mm.NoneFalse6935364070199
TP-Link RE300Truehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/nettverk-og-kommunikasjon/repeater/TP-RE300TP-Link RE30010.05.2019 08:18:0031.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>TP-LINK RE300 Mesh WiFi Extender, eliminate dead zones, dual-band, white</P> <P>RE300 wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi router, strengthening and expanding its signal into areas it can’t reach on its own. With speeds of up to 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps on 5 GHz, put strong,fast Wi-Fi in every room and say goodbye to dead zones.</P> <P>• OneMesh system<BR>• Smart signal indicator<BR>• One touch connect (WPS)<BR>• Plugs directly into an outlet<BR>• Works with your existing TP-Link Mesh WiFi router<BR>• Optional Tether app for iOS and Android, or Web UI configuration</P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 124 x 69 x 52 mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse6935364085520