Here at DELTACO we have all sorts of bags for cameras, laptops and tablets. From the regular shoulder strap carrying bags to envelope style bags, backpacks and even strollers that meets the requirements set by airlines. We have famous brands such as Dicota and Targus but also our own brand DELTACO.




Dicota BAckpack Active 14-15,6" Svart/BlåFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/D31047Dicota BAckpack Active 14-15,6" Svart/Blå13.11.2015 08:40:4331.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Dicota Backpack Active - Sporty backpack for laptops up to 15.6", black/blue</P> <P>The Active backpack is characterised by high-quality materials and sophisticated details. The spacious main compartment offers plenty of space for sports gear, documents and other mobile accessories. You can rest assured that your mobile companion will be perfectly protected thanks to a slip pocket for tablets measuring up to 10”. The front compartment with key fob and slip pockets will keep everything tidy and provides the perfect place to store your personal items. Your drinking bottle and umbrella can be stored in a space-saving fashion in the outer pockets, while the compression straps on both sides can be used to compress the backpack, creating a more compact solution. Another highlight is the security pocket which has been invisibly sewn into the breathable rear padding. It’s the perfect place to safely store your valuables out of the reach of pickpockets.</P> <P>Maximum Device Dimensions(WxDxH): 390x264x40mm<BR>Product Dimensions(WxDxH): 330x480x190mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse7640158662601
PORT DESIGNS Melbourne, 15,6" laptops, three compartments, padded inteFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2022329PORT DESIGNS Melbourne, 15,6" laptops, three compartments, padded inte22.01.2019 07:32:3531.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>PORT DESIGNS Melbourne, 15,6" laptops, three compartments, padded interior, black</P> <P>Melbourne Backpack is a backpack for business travellers, designed to carry your laptop. Its modern and popular style was developed by our designers in our creative studio in Paris.</P> <P>• Padded back and shoulder straps<BR>• Padded interior for optimal protection<BR>• Large storage capacity with three compartments<BR>• 10.1" tablet compartment also optimal for storing documents</P> <P>Dimension(BxDxH): 350 x 270 x 505 mm<BR>Weight: 1,5 kg</P></BODY>NoneFalse3567041704009
Targus Notepack 15-16" C/shell blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL1005202Targus Notepack 15-16" C/shell black11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseTargus Notepac 15.4 - 16" / 39.1 - 40.6cm - Notebookbæreveske - 16" - svart<br>NoneFalse5024442233500
Targus Classic 15-15.6" C/shell blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL1005203Targus Classic 15-15.6" C/shell black11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseTargus 15.4 - 16" / 39.1 - 40.6cm Laptop Case - Notebookbæreveske - 16" - svart<br>NoneFalse5024442931703
Targus Classic 12-13,4" C/shell blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL1005204Targus Classic 12-13,4" C/shell black11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseTargus 13.4 inch / 34cm Laptop Case - S - Notebookbæreveske - 13.4" - svart<br>NoneFalse5051794001501
Targus 15,6" C/shell blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL1005208Targus 15,6" C/shell black11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseTargus Classic+ 15 - 15.6" / 38.1 - 39.6cm Clamshell Case - Notebookbæreveske - 15.6" - svart<br>NoneFalse5051794008104
Targus Notepack 15-16" C/shell FS blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL1005210Targus Notepack 15-16" C/shell FS black11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseTargus 15.4 - 16 inch / 39.1 - 40.6cm Notepac Plus Case - Notebookbæreveske - 16" - svart<br>NoneFalse5024442240003
Makayama Movie Mount for iPad mini 4, mount on tripod, blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/MMMINI4-RMakayama Movie Mount for iPad mini 4, mount on tripod, black27.04.2016 11:09:4331.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Makayama Movie Mount for iPad mini 4, mount on tripod, black</P> <P>Movie Mount is a unique tripod accessory that makes it possible to radically improve video recording with an iPad Mini 4. Easy to screw the mount on to a tripod to get a super stable recording. It also comes with a free Movie Mount app.</P></BODY>NoneFalse7333048026217
Dicota Perfect Skin 14-14.1 SvartFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/D31187Dicota Perfect Skin 14-14.1 Svart23.08.2016 05:47:2731.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><SPAN lang=EN-GB>Dicota PerfectSkin, Notebook sleeve, 14-14.1", black <P dir=ltr align=left></P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Perfect Skin is made of robust and especially elastic neoprene and perfectly adapts to the form of your notebook like a second skin. The best guaranty against surface scratches and other dents and damages. Another advantage: The zipper is fitted with an extra surface on the inside in order to avoid scratches on the notebook.</P></SPAN></BODY>NoneFalse
DELTACO Cabin backpack, 55x40x20cm, flight approved, blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/deltaco/datatilbehør/vesker-futteral/vesker/17"/NV-776DELTACO Cabin backpack, 55x40x20cm, flight approved, black06.09.2016 10:32:5531.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>DELTACO Cabin backpack, three compartments, 55x40x20cm, flight approved, 44 liters, carrying handle, black</P> <P>A backpack that is optimal if you are traveling a lot. The size is manufacured to the dimensions of what various airlines require to take it as hand luggage, and it is also is so-called flight approved.<BR>With a large main compartment and two smaller outer compartments are securely with packing space, each compartment opens with zipper. On the back be against your back are 3 padded shoulder straps so the backpack should sit comfortably when you have it on you.</P> <P>• Carrying handle<BR>• Size: 55x40x20cm<BR>• Inner volume: 44 liters</P> <P>Weight: 700g</P></BODY>5 yearsFalse7333048013224
URBAN COLLECTION - TABLET BAG 10" - OFF TRACK LOGO - NAVYFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2023862URBAN COLLECTION - TABLET BAG 10" - OFF TRACK LOGO - NAVY05.03.2019 14:28:5531.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Ferrari Urban Collection, tablet bag for tablets up to 10", navy blue</P> <P>Bag for tablets up to 10" from Ferraris Urban Collection Series.</P></BODY>NoneFalse3700740421109
FERRARI Urban Collection laptop bag, 13", blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2023866FERRARI Urban Collection laptop bag, 13", black05.03.2019 13:35:3431.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Ferrari Urban Collection, laptop bag for up to 13" laptops, black</P> <P>Laptop bag from Ferraris Urban Collection that fits laptops up to 13". Inside the bag you have a compartment for your laptop, one compartment for tablets and one more for accessories.</P></BODY>NoneFalse3700740397619
Targus CitySmart 16" Laptop slipcase, two pockets, padding, grayFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2023203Targus CitySmart 16" Laptop slipcase, two pockets, padding, gray05.03.2019 15:05:2531.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Targus CitySmart 16" Laptop slipcase, two pockets, padding, gray</P> <P>A smart, simple laptop case with lightweight padding to protect your hardware. Essential pocket storage for accessories. Includes shoulder strap.</P> <P>• Rear slip pocket<BR>• Sholder strap included<BR>• Two zipped front pockets<BR>• Smart, simple laptop slipcase<BR>• Lightweight padding for laptop protection</P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 294 x 28 x 42 mm<BR>Weight: 38 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse5051794009606
URBAN COLLECTION - COMPUTER SLEEVE 11" - BLACKFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2023859URBAN COLLECTION - COMPUTER SLEEVE 11" - BLACK07.03.2019 07:19:5931.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Ferrari Urban Collection Sleave, case for laptops and tablets up to 11",  black</P> <P>laptop / tablet case from Ferraris Urban Collection series.</P></BODY>NoneFalse3700740394793
Case Logic 15,6" Laptop bag, padded, shoulder strap, multiple pockets,Falsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2019060Case Logic 15,6" Laptop bag, padded, shoulder strap, multiple pockets,28.03.2019 14:23:0631.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Case Logic 15,6" Laptop bag, padded, shoulder strap, multiple pockets, black</P> <P>A padded laptop bag from Case Logic designed for any laptop up to 15,6" in size. An internal divider keeps documents seperated from other items in the bag and multiple pockets provide basic organization capabilites for daily accessories.</P> <P>• Internal divider<BR>• Anti-slip sholder pad<BR>• Padded carrying handles<BR>• Padded laptop compartment<BR>• Front pocket features a wide base for bulky items like a power brick</P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 386 x 43 x 266 mm<BR>Weight: 257 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse85854224086
Case Logic 9-10" Tablet sleeve, padded, accessory pocket, blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL2019065Case Logic 9-10" Tablet sleeve, padded, accessory pocket, black28.03.2019 14:24:2531.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Case Logic 9-10" Tablet sleeve, padded, accessory pocket, black</P> <P>Your go-to tablet case has arrived. This universal sleeve houses a wide variety of 9-10” tablets, with or without a folio or Smartcover™, and provides a pocket for must-have accessories such as earphones and a charger. Keep it all together while looking sharp with this innovative, versatile sleeve.</P> <P>• Stylish and trendy exterior<BR>• Designed for a variety of 9-10" tablets<BR>• Front pocket for storing accessories like cords and headphones</P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 211 x 46 x 282 mm<BR>Weight: 100 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse85854229050
Dell Premier Messenger for max 15.6" LaptopFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/DEL1006657Dell Premier Messenger for max 15.6" Laptop29.11.2016 06:48:1931.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY>Dell Premier Messenger for max 15.6" Laptop</BODY>NoneFalse5397063620623
Dicota Smart Skin 13-13,3Falsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/D31180Dicota Smart Skin 13-13,317.01.2017 06:39:3731.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Dicota Smart Skin laptop bag, for 13"-13.3" laptops, 2 compartments, zip-lock, padded handles, black</P> <P>Smart Skin provides tactical and lightweight protection for your laptop. Made of robust and particulary flexible neoprene it fits snugly around your laptop like a second skin. The lining made from Nylex, a soft polyester fabric keeps your laptop safe from scratches. On the front there is a zip pocket with room for your accessories. Smart Skin has padded handles for your comfort when carrying, but the handles are slim enough to not add any bulk on the occasions you want to put the sleeve inside another bag.</P> <UL style="LIST-STYLE-TYPE: disc"> <LI>Padded handles <LI>Practical zipper <LI>Lining made from a soft polyester fabric (nylex) protects from scratches and minor damages <LI>Practical outer pocket with room for accessories <LI>Custom-fit, protective, robust and especially elastic thanks to neoprene </LI></UL> <P>Maximum device dimensions(WxDxH): 330x230x30mm<BR>Outer dimensions bag(WxDxH): 355x255x30mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse7640158663875
Dicota Backapack Universal 14-15,6" SvartFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/D31008Dicota Backapack Universal 14-15,6" Svart11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseDicota Backpack Universal - Ryggsekkk for bærbare PCèr opp til 15,6", 4 lommer, 4 rom, svart<br/><br/>Stor ryggsekk for deg som behøver plass til mer enn bare din bærbare PC i ryggsekken. Du har et stort rom omgitt av HDF(High Density Foam) for og beskytte din bærbare PC under transport. Denne lommen er en egen pose i seg selv, og kan dermed tas ut av sekken om du ønsker å transportere kun den bærbare datamaskinen.<br /><br />Du har et lite mindre rom der du har masse lommer for mindre utstyr som smarttelefoner og nettbrett, mus, dokumenter o.l. Lengst ut på ryggsekken finner du en avlang lomme perfekt for sammenrullede kabler som du vil ha med deg. På utsiden av ryggsekken finner du en lomme som har et gjennomføringshull for hodetelefoner, smart for deg som vil ha din smarttelefon/mp3-spillere i ryggsekken og høre på musikk når du er ute.<br /><br />Maksmål på bærbar som passer i vesken(BxDxH): 380x265x40mm.<br />Mål på ryggsekken(BxDxH): 320x470x170mm.NoneFalse7640158662199
Dicota BackPack ECO 14-15,6" SvartFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/D30675Dicota BackPack ECO 14-15,6" Svart11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Dicota Backpack ECO - Ryggsekk med separat rom for bærbar PC, opp til 15,6", svart<BR><BR>Pen og godt utformet ryggsekk fra kjente Dicota med laptopmappe av resirkulert PET (type polyester) og en beskyttende innside av HDF (High Density Foam).<BR><BR>Backpack ECO har rom for datatilbehør (mus, strømadapter m.m.), sidelommer for paraply/vannflaske. Følger med regntrekk/beskyttelse.<BR><BR>Yttermål (BxDxH): 450x195x330mm<BR>Maks mål bærbar PC: (BxDxH): 380x40x265mm<BR>Vekt: 0,9 kg</P></BODY>NoneFalse7332752005594
Dicota Base Notebook väska 15-15,6" SvartFalsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/vesker-futteral-støtte/D30446Dicota Base Notebook väska 15-15,6" Svart11.11.2011 09:11:1131.12.1899 23:00:0031.12.1899 23:00:00FalseDicota Base, laptopveske i nylon med metallramme på innsiden for laptops 15-15,6", 1 veske, 3 lommer, bærehåndtak og skulderreim, svart<br/><br/>Hendig laptopveske fra Dicota for deg som vil gi din PC litt ekstra beskyttelse. Inni vesken sitter en metallramme som ekstra beskyttelse og stabilitet, vesken rommer bærbare PCer på 15-15,6". Du har en veske der din bærbare PC ligger trygt og sikkert med en notebookstrap, inni denne lommen finner du også tre lommer for ditt tilbehør som strømadapter, mus og annet du vil ha med deg. Vesken bæres enten via bærehåndtaket eller den medfølgende skulderreimen.<br /><br />Maks mål på laptop som vesken rommer(BxDxH): 380x40x265mm.<br />Yttermål på vesken(BxDxH: 410x65x305mmNoneFalse7332752003231