DELTACO GAMING optical mouse, 500-1600 DPI, 5 buttons, scroll wheel,31.12.1899 23:00:00GAM-0135637277333Falsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/deltaco/datatilbehør/mus/trådbundne/store/GAM-013DELTACO GAMING optical mouse, 500-1600 DPI, 5 buttons, scroll wheel, <BODY><P>DELTACO GAMING optical mouse, 500-1600 DPI, 5 buttons, colour changing scrool wheel, USB 2.0, 1.5m cable, black</P> <P>DELTACO GAMING's mouse that responds quickly to your commands. The optical sensor is adjustable between 500 and 1600 dpi. No drivers needed, just Plug N play. The colour of the scroll wheel changes depending on the current DPI level.</P> <P>• 5 buttons<BR>• 1,4m cable<BR>• 500-1600 DPI<BR>• Scroll wheel with LED that changes colour depending on DPI level<BR>  500 DPI: Subtle Red glow<BR>  800 DPI: Green glow<BR>  1200 DPI: Red glow<BR>  1600 DPI: Orange glow</P> <P>Dimensions (WxDxH):80x120x40mm</P> <P>Weight: 116g</P> <P>Package Contents: Mouse and USB to PS/2 adapter</P></BODY>False7333048026729
DELTACO GAMING Keyboard protection bag, nylon, black camo31.12.1899 23:00:00GAM-0105637272844Falsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/tastatur/tilbehør/GAM-010DELTACO GAMING Keyboard protection bag, nylon, black camo <BODY><P>DELTACO GAMING GAM-010 Gaming Keyboard Protection Bag, fits keyboards up to 480x210x50mm, hook and loop fastener, shoulder strap, black</P> <P>Keyboard protection bag that can fit a keyboard of up to 480x210x50mm. The shoulder strap is removable and also changeable to suit your style of wearing a bag. On the side of the bag you find two straps that wraps around the bag, with some adjustment you can make a foldable mousepad fit. On both sides of the bag you various burdock parts, this enables you to attach this bag to backpacks and other bigger bags that have this option. </P> <P>The stylish black camo nylon material gives this keyboard protection bag a clean but cool look and with the padding you can keep calm and just carry your keyboard protected. The padded handles on the top also have a hook and loop fastener.</P> <P>• Black camo Nylon material<BR>• Padded handles on top<BR>• Multiple hook and loop fastener options</P> <P>Weight: 452g</P> <P>Outer dimensions(WxDxH): 490x220x50mm</P></BODY>False7333048025906
DELTACO GAMING tangentbord, anti-ghosting, USB, nordisk, svart/orang31.12.1899 23:00:00TB-1185637158064Falsehttps://www.deltaco.no/produkter/tastatur/gaming/TB-118DELTACO GAMING tangentbord, anti-ghosting, USB, nordisk, svart/orang <BODY>DELTACO GAMING tastatur, anti-ghosting, USB og PS/2, nordisk layout, svart/orange<BR><BR>Tastatur for spilling med kjapp responstid, med anti-ghosting kan du ha flere knapper nedtrykte samtidig for å få en bedre spillopplevelse. Fordelen med å bruke PS/2 er att skrivebordet går på en egen buss noe som gjør att responstiden blir bedre og att du kan bruke flere taster med anti-ghosting.<BR><BR>• Responstid opp til 8.33ms med PS/2.<BR>• Anti-ghosting, 13 taster via USB, 24 taster via PS/2.<BR>• 1,8m kabel.<BR>• Vekt 594g<BR><BR>Mål (BxDxH): 452x170x30mm.<BR><BR>Forpakingen inneholder: Tastatur, USB-PS/2 adapter.</BODY>False7340004688785